Okay no one listens to me anyway but I’m really annoyed

I understand some people sit on their computer staring at the screen EXERTING SO MUCH SWEAT, TEARS AND ENERGY INTO SPAMMING SOMEONE FOR A FOLLOW, but at the end of the day, whether a celebrity account follows you or not shouldn’t inflict on how you really feel about them. None of the personal Twitters for band members I like (i.e.: the guys in All Time Low, the guys in Pierce the Veil, The Summer Set, Mayday Parade, and so on) follow any fans on their Twitter, because it’s an account for them to see the tweets of their friends, which is what Twitter is technically for. Do I care that they don’t follow me? No. The only reason people are getting their panties in a bunch is because of the type of fanbase it is; crazed teen girls glued to the social media/networking aspect of the artists instead of the prime focus- the music. A minor click of a follow button shouldn’t impair your judgement of someone. Yeah, if Drew unfollowed you, you’re justifiably upset, I get it. But for people to say he’s unappreciative of his fans for wanting to use his Twitter to see tweets from his friends seems a little inconsiderate. 

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I don’t tag my pics, and I don’t disable the option to save them on my Flickr either, in the hopes that people will take to heart when I write RIGHT below the picture “Please credit me if you use this for anything” and it’s really frustrating when people won’t put a simple credit on the caption of their post. ugh

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Keaton’s hair grows faster than mine does that’s not ok

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Emblem3 Goin’ Back 2 Cali (New York City, Philadelphia and DC): Drew

some of yall act like all they do is sit around and smoke pot.

theyre laughing


they make a dumb vine


they breathe



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Wesley in Kansas City 4/19/2013 (x)


favorite photos of drew instagram

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